Read Some bits of the book!

ZeldaPortraitKidsCat Foot 

I really needed something as a distraction
Something that would give me more satisfaction
I worked with my science real quick
And came up with an animal that was not that slick

I made a gopher but it was wearing a hat
Hmm, not good enough what was better than that?
I looked at my tools and took this and that
And before I knew it I had made a human foot cat!

HamsterButlerThis foot cat or cat foot animal creature
Purs and stinks of cheese whenever it meets ya
Rubs up on your leg and climbs up with its toes
I suggest keeping its foot away from your nose

Seven types of cheese it pumps from those digits
The smell is so wrong it will cause you to fidget
But don’t dare worry if you are allergic to dairy
Its a bit lactose free so will affect you just bearly